About Peace United

Youth around the world live in difficult circumstances. Football is a salvation for many – a field where their actions matter. Football prevents insecurity and frustration, and eases social integration. It’s a common language that everyone understands.

The feelings of joy and accomplishment sparked by football strengthen the idea that life holds you up. That everyone has opportunities. Football unites people around the world.

Peace United is a team that plays for peace.

The team consists of Aki Riihilahti, Laura Österberg-Kalmari, Tinja-Riikka Korpela, Nikolai Alho, Miika ”Särre” Särmäkari, Pekko ”Pege” Piirto, Kaj Kunnas and Toni Söderholm among others.

Games are played with the intention to prevent marginalisation and frustration, and end confrontations. The players of Peace United understand that marginalisation and radicalization of young people isn’t caused by religion or skin colour, but by the lack of options.

Peace United invites everyone to join its ranks. We encourage friendly games of football in the spirit of Peace United – playing for peace. Instructions for arranging games are found here.

The aim of the game is to increase the safety and cohesion that a team can provide, and to create new contacts. Playing football helps people to adapt into new circumstances and it increases understanding between people of different backgrounds. Exercise becomes a tool for peace.

The games also increase knowledge about peace building and raise funds for peace work. Participating schools are offered material for peace education and the students themselves can invent creative ways of fundraising. The funds are used to support peace work by Finn Church Aid.

Do a small gesture for our common world and arrange a game or a Peace United tournament. Invite clubs, youth, schools, and refugees and migrants from your area.

Let’s give young people an experience of success beyond societal borders!